Fire guts 15 shophouses at Si Racha market

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CHON BURI - Several people were injured when a fire raged through 15 shophouses at a fresh market in Si Racha district on Friday morning, causing at least 20 million baht in damage.

The fire began in a two-storey shophouse selling fresh fish behind Si Racha municipal market around 7am and spread quickly to nearby shophouses.

Local firetrucks and crews deployed to battle the blaze were soon reinforced by 10 more from nearby areas.

The blaze raced through 15 of the 20 shophouses in the area. Several people were injured, police said. Damage was estimated at 20 million baht or more.

A Myanmar man, identified as Uthai, 39, who worked in the shop where the fire began, said he first saw sparks on the upper floor, and then flames. He tried unsuccessfully to put out the fire, called for help and rushed to take his child from the house. He sustained burns to his face and body.

Police initially believed an electrical short circuit caused the fire. They were investigating.

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